New Work

I am pleased to introduce the talented Mr. Tyler D. Hansen. 

This is the first time I have collaborated with Tyler, but I read his works on a daily basis. He is both proliferate and proficient. I hope to continue this relationship as he grows into an accomplished writer. 

Tyler D Hansen is an author/writer from Saint Paul, MN. He has written short stories, novellas, and novels that stretch across multiple genres, even though he will firmly state that everything he does is, in some way, rooted in horror.

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Illustrated by Bill Draheim


the junk colossus

by tyler d. hansen


   the man toiled. he rose each morning to sharpen his blade, shave the stubble from his cheeks and head, and set out to build. broken and forever black screens; dismember pieces of dead cars; refuse discarded and lost to time. it all went into his new colossus. when it was finally finished, he took black spray paint to broken plywood and wrote: 


"here in our sun-bleached, blasted land, shall stand a mighty middle finger with a lighter, whose flame is the junk sword, and its name is the FAThEr oF ParIAHs. from its beckoning "fuck you" glows a signal fire; his wild eyes command the land-locked hell these Twin Cities frame. "keep, dead lands, your hearts burning!" cries he with broken jaw. "give me your depressed, suicidal, your ragged mages, gutter punks, and the strange. send these beaten generations to me. i'll get them all high.""